About Euro Attic Stairs

We have been in business for over 20 years and have vast experience in the selection, supply and installation of attic stairs.
We pride ourselves in the quality of our products and the excellence of our workmanship. Our attic folding stairs is fitted in hours with no mess - no hassle.
We also supply and install spiral staircases to fit individual needs.
We carry out Attic Conversions which are a great way to give yourself extra room in your house. We specialize in wood conversions which are fast and clean.

Our prices for all products are very competitive.

"Add easy access extra space to your house with an attic folding stairs fitted in hours and no mess"

All our stairs are fully insulated, fitted with draught excluder and handrail, will suit any ceiling height up to 9ft 5ins high.  We carry 3 different widths from the standard stairs to the extra wide.  We normally fit stairs where the existing trap door would be situated, but if not possible, we will fit stairs wherever is suitable, all this comes at no extra cost. 
All our stairs carry a 10 year guarantee and first class workmanship. 
Please feel free to compare this with other leading companies. 
The company may change the design of these stairs from time to time

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