Spiral Stairs


The elegant shape of the spiral staircase gives a room its own characteristics. Our spiral staircases are made to fit individual needs. We offer a wide range of models in different finishes, wood or metal styles and designs.


Spiral StairsA spiral staircase is a practical alternative to conventional stairs and are ideal is areas that are restricted. It can also add character to any situation. Each spiral staircase is tailored to meet the requirements of the customer having assessed the room and space available.


Spiral stairs are built with treads fanning out around a central column; they are the most space efficient type of stair you can have as they effectively take up little more floorspace than their diameter.


We will advise you about the various types of spiral stairs suitable for your individual situation and carry out a professional neat installation. As with our attic stairs, we use the best of materials and top class workmanship.


The Spiral Stairs is particularly suited to the Attic Conversion giving elegant access to your extra space.


All our stairs carry a 10 year guarantee.


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